San Pablo AM/PM




San Pablo Avenue is a major thoroughfare  that runs much of the length of the East Bay.  It is part of the historic Lincoln highway, the first contiguous transcontinental  road.  In spite of its historic past, San Pablo Avenue is not a road that has faded from glory.  It remains much as it has always been, a street that is on the margins.  Filled with auto repair shops, liquor stores, storefront churches and day rate motels.  San Pablo Am/Pm is a backlit photographic series that highlights many of the establishments that exist on the Avenue between El Cerrito and Oakland, California.

I Did Eat

I Did Eat Introduction from Benjamin Moss on Vimeo.

Using the Seven Deadly Sins as a framing mechanism, I Did Eat is an interactive installation that both documents peoples’ changing attitudes towards thoughts and actions often characterized as “sin” or “moral indiscretion,” and gives viewers the opportunity to reflect on the nature of sin itself.  Through this experience,  I Did Eat gives viewers the opportunity to reflect on their own notions of sin and moral indiscretion, as well as how other people’s notions can be vastly different, over time and even within societies that, in theory, hold similar values.